Fynbo technology

Flexible Fingers For Robotic Grippers

Fully Automated Fingers

The Gx Series is a fully automated finger solution that brings flexibility and precision to your robotic gripper.

Fits Over 1100 Gripper Models

The Gx Series is compatible with over 1100 different gripper models, offering unmatched versatility in automation solutions.

Adaptable Gripping Range

The Gx Series is designed with a unique ability to adapt to the size and shape of objects. This makes them extremely versatile and capable of handling a wide range of components and materials.

Customised Automation Solutions

The Gx Series can be integrated with a various gripper units, allowing customers to customize automation solutions according to their unique requirements.

Optimizing Flexible Machine Tending Solutions with Gx 

Perfect fit for a Flexible Collaborative Robot Cell

Our CGx system is crafted for small and flexible robot cells featuring collaborative robots. Its unique ability to adapt to objects of different sizes and shapes adds incredible versatility to the automation process.

This allows for handling a wide range of components and materials without the need for manual adjustments. With the Gx system, your automation process can run smoothly and efficiently, regardless of changes in the processed objects.


Enabling Automation Accessibility

Versatile Solution

suitable for a wide range of production tasks


Boost Throughput and Minimize Quality Concerns

Ideal for Smaller Industrial Robot Cells

The Gx system is not only perfect for small and flexible robot cells with collaborative robots but also excels in medium-sized setups featuring small industrial robots. Its unique adaptability to objects of various sizes and shapes ensures remarkable versatility in the automation process.
Handling a diverse range of components and materials seamlessly, the Gx system eliminates the need for manual adjustments. Whether it’s a compact collaborative setup or a slightly larger industrial environment, Gx is your reliable solution for an efficient and adaptable production process.

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select desired gripper from our partners and combine it with a Gx solution.